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Unlimited Social Videos for $259 /month

Social videos are great! Your audience loves them, you get more people to the website, capture more leads, increase sales…

BUT, making them ain’t a piece of cake! And hiring someone to make them for you… well, that’s just gonna leave a hole the size of Russia in your pocket!

Enter… Video Dojo!

You get unlimited social videos, with a fast turnaround time minus all the hassles!

Why Videos?


More Users Likely To Buy After Watching A Video



More Retweets For Videos Than Images



Higher Reach On Facebook With Videos


Videos We Can Create

Videos We Cannot Create

How It Works?

The Obvious

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Share What You Need

Explain to us what kind of video you want. Share with us images or videos you want us to embed in that video. You can also share with us the additional content for reference (text, videos, images).

Video Delivered!

Get the video back within 2-3 working days.


Brands We’ve Worked With…


Ok. Is it really unlimited? What’s the catch here?

We knew you’d have that question. Our service basically allows you to send us unlimited video creation requests at a flat monthly fee. Writing the copy of the video, structuring it in the video format to ensure it’s interesting is a creative job. Sometimes it happens within a couple of hours and at times it takes many more. Also, a lot of it boils down to the length of the video. We will entertain unlimited video creation requests. We will work on them one after the other, producing great quality videos.

How many videos can I expect?

Here’s the math! We work 5 days a week and are based out of India. Assuming a video will take 2 working days, you can expect 12-15 high-quality videos every month.

Length of the video?

You pick! The video can be anything from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Considering the nature of the videos we create, they work really best if they are of less than 3 minutes. Refer to this section to know where all can you use these videos.

What will be the resolution of my videos?

720p, an optimum size for watching the videos on most devices.

How many revisions?

3 revisions. Why? You might ask? See, there are two reasons for it. Addressing every change request essentially takes time that could have spent creating new videos for you. Having said that, we understand at times, it calls for 1-2 iterations to get a video right. That’s why we cap it at 3 iterations. Also, here’s another bright side to it. We have realised that as business owners, we at times get attached to things whereas the real win is in pushing the video out to the public. A constraint of 3 change requests psychologically pushes you to push out the video.

What languages do you support?

As of now, we create videos in English language. Over period of time, we plan to support other languages too. Yeah, for now, it’s English only.

Do you help publish & promote the videos?

Nope. We only create videos but over a period of time, we plan to write guides to help you promote videos well… really well.

Do you also add music to the videos?

Yes. We do add royalty-free music to the videos.

What about voiceovers? Will the videos also have voiceovers?

Nope. We create videos that work really well without voiceovers. They have some groovy music and engaging visuals! A report by Magisto suggests that 85% of all Facebook Videos are watched without sound. For a great social video, visuals and text are the real deal.

Will you also edit my videos?

Nopes. Sorry!

What about live action videos? Or some interviews I have done?

Sorry! That’s still gonna be a NO ?

So, where can I use these videos?

The possibilities are endless! You can use them as video ads, article summaries, video covers for podcast episodes, slideshows, quick product feature intros, explainers, video intros, etc. and can be published on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), your website, shared over email, upload on your YouTube channel, or instant-messaging apps.

Do you use tools like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie to create these videos?

Actually, we do not! As you can imagine, at this price point, we cannot create each and every video from scratch. So, we use a host of tools to create videos for you – similar to Magisto, Animoto, Biteable, Lumen5, Animatron Wave, Shakr, etc. The good thing with them is, it allows us to create videos that just work well (templates, effects, motion graphics, music and a host of other things). The not-so-good-part? You cannot have a lot of customisations or add precise effects or simply make edits.

So, when there are these tools available in the market, why would I want you to make videos for me?

While there are many tools out there to make videos, it can still be time-consuming. Video Dojo helps you save time by creating these videos for you super-quick vs. doing them yourself or on finding a freelancer. The way it works is, you just place your video request, share what you need and they’ll deliver the video to you.

I'm not sure what kind of videos should I start with?

We hear that a lot. There are several possibilities. Start with getting your articles converted to videos. Came across a nice article and want to share it with your team / clients? Share that article with us and we will create a video for it. You can also create videos on industry trends and share them with your clients. As we said, you can do a lot of things with videos. Look for more examples here.

Working hours?

Our team currently works from India and follows IST (Indian Standard Time, +5:30 GMT).

Do you offer a free trial / refunds?

Yep. We offer a 3 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services. That’s the time within which you will have your first video and you will be able to see it for yourself whether we’re the right fit for your video needs.

Finally, are you really sure it’s unlimited?

We know what you’re thinking. If we can at max create 12-15 high quality videos, how is this unlimited? We get it. Two things. With Video Dojo, you can send us unlimited requests so that we can work on them one after another. If we’re able to complete a video earlier before the said 48-72 hours, we will take up your next video job in the queue. It’s unlimited in that sense. But here’s where it really shines. Video Dojo helps you with fabulous, professional looking videos without having to turn to sites like Fiverr where you need to find people to create videos, apprise them of your brand’s tonality and deal with the uncertainty and frustration that often follows.

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Who Are We

Video Dojo is proudly run by Tapzest Web, a Digital Media & Marketing Lab based out of Mumbai, India. We have been creating social videos for dozens of brands @Springzo, our Content Marketing Agency. Oh, boy! These snackable videos worked really well when it came to video engagement, visibility and positive RoI.

Now, there have been times when brands approached us just for video creation and didn’t need a complete set of content marketing services, our core offering at Springzo. That’s how the seeds of Video Dojo were sown.

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